Building a Safer Workplace

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Fasken Martineau is pleased to release its 2016 Employer Occupational Health and Safety Survey Report, Building a Safer Workplace. The 2016 Employer Occupational Health and Safety Survey was conducted to better understand the current trends in OHS compliance and regulatory enforcement across Canada.

Key findings of Building a Safer Workplace include:

  • Approximately 10% of employers surveyed responded they did not have a written OHS policy in their workplace or were unaware if they had a policy
  • Officers and directors drive the health and safety culture of a workplace. Approximately 55% are trained in an OHS program
  • 81% of workplaces have an Employee Assistance Program to help workers with substance abuse issues
  • Over 50% of employers reported an increase of harassment complaints in the workplace in the last 12 months
  • Over 80% of survey respondents have not appealed an OHS order or direction in the past 12 months
  Building a Safer Workplace

This first-ever national employer survey has brought significant Canadian health and safety realities to light. Responses to the survey not only revealed predominant OHS trends, but also exposed critical legal compliance gaps across Canadian workplaces.

The information acquired through this survey helped to identify crucial opportunities to develop, implement and improve OHS systems across the country.