OBA Seminar: In the hot seat: Key issues in crisis management for in-house counsel

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June 2, 2005
Toronto, ON, Canada

Event participants:

Guy W. Giorno

When a crisis occurs, immediate and decisive action is required to solve the problem and to prevent harm to people, property, reputation and company interests.

Guy W. Giorno, national director of our firm's strategic counsel practice group, acquired his experience in crisis management during seven years in the Office of the Premier of Ontario, a complex and challenging environment where careful planning and quick responses were required to manage a variety of crises and issues.

On June 2, Guy will be speaking at the Ontario Bar Association's special seminar, "In the Hot Seat: Key Issues in Crisis Management for In-House Counsel."

Guy's presentation is entitled "'If I knew what to expect then it wouldn't be a crisis!': Preparing and planning for the unknown." He will cover the following topics:

  • What constitutes a crisis?
  • Crisis Management audits and teams
  • Keeping protocols and plans fresh and ready
  • "12 Rules of Crisis Management"