Canada's Lobbyists Registration Act

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Calgary Chapter of the CBA
December 5, 2005
The Canadian Bar Association
1725, 311 - 6 Avenue SW
Calgary, AB, Canada

Event participants:

Guy W. Giorno

Canada's Lobbyists Registration Act is not merely complex. Equally important, it is, as newspaper reports demonstrate, high-profile legislation. Compliance -- more precisely, non-compliance -- with the Act is subject to intense scrutiny.

Fasken Martineau's Guy Giorno is one of Canada's leading experts on federal and provincial lobbyist legislation and is co-author of the Thomson Carswell book Lobbying in Canada. His presentation will address the federal Act's impact on corporations and organizations, with particular emphasis on some of the trickier questions that arise.

Among the topics covered:

  • Responsibilities of the CEO: Practical advice on the duty to report facts outside direct knowledge.
  • Directors and board members: Best practices arising from the application of section 5.
  • On behalf of whom? Employee participation in industry associations and other "voluntary" activity.
  • Who started it? Doesn't matter. Implications of removing the exemption for government-initiated legislation.
  • And many other issues