Collective Bargaining

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The initial collective agreement forms the base for all subsequent negotiations, so it makes sense to have a lawyer review the integrity of the agreement before it is accepted. When engaged in more mature bargaining relationships, an experienced labour lawyer can deliver strategic advice to help you achieve the best possible collective agreement. Whether you are negotiating an initial agreement or renegotiating an existing agreement, Fasken Martineau’s collective bargaining team can help.

Our client relationships often date back many years, enabling us to act essentially as in-house labour relations experts when providing legal advice. We also provide training and team building workshops for clients in preparation for bargaining and administering collective agreements to ensure the best agreement is always realized.

Our Expertise

  • Critique of union demands
  • Complete employer proposals
  • Spokesperson at the bargaining table
  • Comprehensive strategy development to ensure negotiated collective agreement meet business needs
  • Management of communications with employees and the media
  • Representation at mediation/conciliation
  • Integrated legal advice with respect to all aspects of the negotiations
  • Professional legal representation at labour board hearings
  • Advice and representation with respect to picketing, strikes, lockouts and injunctions

Primary Contacts

+1 604 631 4751
+1 416 868 3438