Entertainment & Media

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Members of our Entertainment & Media Group have been actively involved in all sectors of the entertainment and cultural industries for more than 25 years, handling issues related to the film and television, music, circus, multimedia, interactive media, advertising, book publishing, theatre, live entertainment and visual arts sectors, and representing many of the top players in each sectors including creators, producers, distributors, publishers, copyright collectives, industry associations and government departments. We are proud to include renowned organizations and creators such as Cirque du Soleil, Ubisoft, ADISQ, SOPROQ, Zone 3, Productions J, Carbone 14, Oscar Peterson, Groupe Archambault, DEP, Isabelle Boulay, Corneille, Rick Allison, K.Maro, Mes Aieux, and Ariane Moffat among our clients.

Our expertise and services encompass our client's legal and business requirements across all entertainment sectors, and include:

Counselling and strategy:

  • General legal counselling on industry laws, regulations, and practices
  • Support to development of legal and business strategies
  • Tax and financing strategies (including both public and private sector funding)
  • Representing industry and other interest groups with provincial and federal governments, and representing government, industry and other interest groups with international government or non-governmental organisations of the cultural and entertainment sectors

Business, corporate, financing and contracts:

  • Constitution and maintenance of business organizations, including mergers, acquisitions and re-organizations
  • Drafting business agreements in the context of entertainment industries, including shareholder agreements, employment agreements, non-disclosure and non-competition agreements, and services (work-for-hire) agreements
  • Drafting and negotiation of various forms of specialised contracts, including assignments and licences, development, production, distribution, publishing and broadcasting agreements, and Internet and new media exploitation
  • Negotiation of collective bargaining agreements and agreements for the implementation of terms of trade or industry standards


  • General commercial litigation, including copyright and personality rights infringement, breach of contract, etc.
  • Representation before specialised courts and administrative tribunals, including filing or opposition to copyright and neighbouring rights tariffs, proceedings related to accreditation of artists associations, and arbitrations under collective bargaining agreements

Primary Contacts

+1 514 397 7545
+1 416 865 4410