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Foreign Investment

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While welcoming foreign investment, Canada has elected to maintain many laws, both those of general application and those relating to specific industries, containing special rules and restrictions governing investments in Canada by non-Canadians.

In addition to the Investment Canada Act, which provides for the notification, and in some cases the review, of certain business investments by non-Canadians, federal and provincial legislation also exists with respect to foreign involvement in such areas as banking, insurance, telecommunications, film distribution, broadcasting, book distribution, fishing, liquor and drug distribution, mining and land ownership.

The Foreign Investment Law Group at Fasken Martineau is committed to serving the special needs of the non-Canadian investor contemplating or maintaining an investment in Canada.  Whether establishing a new business in Canada, expanding an existing business presence or acquiring, directly or indirectly, an interest in an existing Canadian business, the members of this multi-practice group of lawyers are available to provide the non-Canadian investor with the focussed and pragmatic advice and assistance required to achieve its Canadian investment objective in a timely fashion.

We have provided assistance to a wide range of industries – for example, transportation, automotive, broadcasting, telecommunications, technology, consumer products, utilities, construction, financial services, food and beverage, manufacturing, health care, natural resources, pharmaceutical, professional services, retail, wholesale, film and publishing, among others.

Fasken Martineau's looseleaf service, Doing Business in Canada (Matthew Bender & Co., Inc., publisher, New York), provides a comprehensive discussion of the laws generally affecting business operations in Canada including Canada's foreign investment laws.  Members of the Foreign Investment Law Group are editors of this publication and, as such, remain current on the latest developments in this area of the law.

If you are contemplating a new investment in Canada or expanding your existing Canadian operations, we would be pleased to discuss that proposal with you.

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