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Summer students have the option to participate in a secondment during their summer experience. Secondments offered are with either one of our participating Fasken Martineau offices or with one of our clients. Prior to beginning your summer, we will collect your preference for secondment. We endeavour to provide our students with their preferred choice.

Summer students performing a secondment with one of our Fasken Martineau offices will do so for one month, working closely with the lawyers in that region. Secondments performed with one of our clients, are done so under the supervision of the client's in-house counsel. Client secondments vary in duration but are typically three weeks.

Please feel free to contact any of our current lawyers and/or students to discuss their secondment experience.

FMD Toronto Secondment: Cindy Phillips
Client Secondment: Madison Grist
Nathan Surkan
FMD Toronto Secondment:               Harshi Mann 
Client Secondments: Sarah Martin 
  Reina Mistry 
  Matt Allard
  Aman Bindra
FMD Montreal Secondment: Thomas Walker
Client Secondments: Sarah Dilys Cuddy
Leo Daniels
Sarah Lumsden
Blair Hogg
FMD Toronto Secondment: Rose Chen
Client Secondments: Kaleigh Milinazzo
James Suderman
Zach Romano
FMD Toronto Secondment: Saul Joseph
Client Secondments: Anna Chen
Cory Sully (Murnane)
FMD Toronto Secondment: Andrew Park
FMD Montreal Secondment: Martin Ferreira Pinho
Client Secondments: Ariel Laver
Nicco Bautista
Samantha Chang
Brandon Wiebe
Ava Aslani
Rebecca Coad
FMD Toronto Secondment: Arik Broadbent
FMD Montreal Secondment: Dan Byma
Client Secondments: Laura Smith
Graeme Hooper
Alexandra Mitretodis
Allan McGavin
Adrian Wan
Jake Cabott
FMD Toronto Secondment: Sarah Orr
FMD Montreal Secondment: Steve Catania
Client Secondments: Dani Bryant
Marcus Turner
Michael Hobkirk
Michael Elliot
Manveer Bisla
Jon Conlin
FMD Toronto Secondment: Amanda Demner (MacNeill)
FMD Montreal Secondment: Sarah Kalil
Client Secondments: Leah Plumridge
Jennifer Craig
Paul Todd
David Namkung
Barinder Sidhu
FMD London Secondment: Joel Payne
FMD Toronto Secondment: Tamar Meshel
FMD Montreal Secondment: Mat Brechtel
Client Secondments: B. Bruce Harrison
Kevin Nakanishi
Jagdeep Khun-Khun
Danielle Toigo
Brett Moodie
Gavin Cameron
FMD London Secondment: Sam Li
FMD Toronto Secondment: Hillary Bullock
FMD Montreal Secondment: Marisa Cruickshank
Client Secondments: Julie DesBrisay
Bridget Gilbride
Gloria Hsi
Anna Turinov
Grant Foster
Tariq Ahmed
Ally Bharmal

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