Fasken Martineau Outsourcing Guide
Outsourcing – We Wrote the Book
This guide is a loose-leaf service that analyzes the critical issues from the perspective of both parties while demonstrating how successful outsourcing relationships can be created and maintained for the long term.

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Minimizing Risk. Maximizing Potential.

Your company's proposed transfer to a service provider of the operational responsibility for all or part of your technology- or business process-related functions can be a complex and sensitive undertaking. At Fasken Martineau, our in-depth outsourcing experience, together with our ability to draw upon the expertise found in our full-service firm enables us to provide you with the complete risk management solution.

Our experience comes from our extensive background in representing numerous high profile clients in outsourcing arrangements, both on the customer and the provider side. Our lawyers are ranked among the foremost outsourcing and technology law practitioners in Canada and have lectured and published extensively on outsourcing and technology law matters. Having acted for both customers and providers at all stages and for all sizes of outsourcing arrangements, we have developed a unique knowledge and skills basis which allows us to efficiently, and creatively, manage the key legal and business issues that inevitably arise in outsourcing arrangements.

Why Fasken Martineau?

While many firms hold themselves out to be outsourcing experts, the Fasken Martineau outsourcing group distinguishes itself in a number of key ways:

We wrote The Book. Members of the group co-edited and co-authored Outsourcing Transactions: A Practical Guide, the leading outsourcing text and the only loose-leaf service available on the topic of outsourcing (3rd release pending).

Unique Outsourcing Benchstrength. Our outsourcing team has unique depth, both locally and nationally. For example, in a recent survey of leading outsourcing lawyers conducted by the Practical Law Company in connection with the new PLC Cross-border Outsourcing handbook 2007/2008, two of our members were ranked as Highly Recommended and Recommended.

Customer and Provider Experience. As a result of our extensive experience in acting for both customers and providers, our outsourcing group has accumulated unparalleled knowledge of both customer and provider interests, which allows us to expedite negotiations and to conclude with successful deals that survive in the long term.

Our outsourcing practice is built on providing our clients with expert advice on how to effectively structure their outsourcing projects to ensure that real market benefits and long-term success are achieved. In this regard, we regularly provide advice and assistance in the following areas:

  • Managing the RFP process
  • Defining the scope of project services and transition-in and -out services;
  • Setting project milestones, and pricing structures;
  • Setting service levels, benchmarking and performance criteria;
  • Establishing critical project management, change control and governance structures; and
  • Implementing dispute resolution mechanisms.

As part of a leading full-service firm, our outsourcing lawyers are complemented by colleagues within the firm who provide efficient and streamlined assistance with any employment, pension, privacy or tax issues that may arise during the course of an outsourcing, both nationally and internationally.

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