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May 10, 2017 Surprising Pro-employer Decisions on Post-employment Restrictive Covenants
International Law Office - Employment & Benefits Newsletter
May 5, 2017 Website Disclosure by TSX Issuers – Revised Proposal
Timely Disclosure
May 3, 2017 A Radical Shift to Say-On-Pay under OBCA’s Bill 101
Timely Disclosure
April/May 2015 Regulatory Developments Across Canada
Solid Waste & Recycling Magazine
May 2017 The “right to be forgotten” has a three-piece suit tailor-made in Canada? From Quebec to British Columbia
Published in Canadian Privacy Law Review, Volume 14, No. 6
April 26, 2017 Investment Canada Act: New Threshold for the Review of Direct Investments
Competition Chronicle
April 25, 2017 Amendments to Canadian Trading Rules Respond to High-Frequency Trading
Timely Disclosure
April 24, 2017 English vs French - Linguistic favoritism by Tax Court Judge : decision quashed by the FCA
April 19, 2017 Government Access to Information - Part 2
Timely Disclosure
April 19, 2017 Ontario Court Awards Three Types of Damage in Sexual Harassment Case
International Law Office - Employment & Benefits Newsletter