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September 2016 Mixed reaction to whistleblower initiative at OSC
The Bottom Line - September 2016 Issue
August, 2016 Private Foundations
Charities Update
August 2016 Privacy, Technology, and Instant Messaging: The British Columbia Court of Appeal Sends a (Instant) Message
Published in Canadian Privacy Law Review, August 2016, vol. 13, No. 9
To come Spotlight on Videoconferencing in the Courtroom: Practitioners’ Ten Commandments
Will be published in Collective work, Regroupement Droit, Changements et Gouvernance
August 8, 2016 Hostile Bid Launched Targeting Nordex Explosives Ltd.
Timely Disclosure
August 1, 2016 Is the UK set to miss out on EU-Canada trade deal gains?
The Lawyer
June 29, 2016 Competition Bureau Issues 'No Action' Letter Despite Likely Anti-Competitive Effects of Proposed Merger
Competition Chronicle
July 26, 2016 The AMF Decides Not to Offer Financial Compensation to Whistleblowers
Published in TIMELY disclosure
July 25, 2016 OSC Launches Whistleblower Program
White Collar Post
July 25, 2016 No need to delay rectification applications: Ontario Superior Court
TAXed International