Start-Up & Entrepreneurial Services

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It’s lonely at the top, particularly if you are an entrepreneur with a start-up opportunity or an early stage venture. Resources are limited, both in terms of money and key people with experience. It is important to surround yourself with trusted advisors who have walked a mile in your shoes and who have the experience and skills to help take your business to the next level. We also offer an extensive network of investors and other strategic partners. Fasken Martineau’s Start-up & Entrepreneurial Services team comprises a seasoned entrepreneur and lawyers who can provide strategic, financial and legal advice at this critical point in your business.

Our international team can take your business from an idea to its first round of financing and beyond. Our Toronto-based Entrepreneur-in-Residence can provide you with the strategic direction needed to develop your business plan and determine your financing requirements. Our legal team will work with you on a wide range of critical issues, including negotiating your shareholders’ agreement, protecting your intellectual property, developing employment contracts for key people in your business, and documenting your first rounds of financing.

Our Start-up & Entrepreneurial Services team has extensive experience in a variety of industries, including energy (including renewable energy), life sciences, information and communication technology, mobile technology and digital media.

Our Clients

We advise start-up companies and early stage entrepreneurs as well as angel, venture capital, private equity and public venture capital investors and investment dealers that service this market. Our entrepreneurial clients often come to us very early in the commercialization of their product or service to take advantage of our strategic input and wide network of potential strategic partners, advisors and investors.

Our Expertise

  • Strategic and financial business advisory services
  • Intellectual property applications, licensing and advice
  • Branding and product development advice
  • Establishment of franchised businesses
  • Registration and management of domain names
  • Angel, venture capital and public financings
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Employment law advice relating to attracting, retaining and motivating employees
  • Entertainment & Media
  • Asia Pacific

Primary Contacts

+1 604 631 4910
+1 604 631 4809
+1 604 631 4753
+1 403 261 5399
+1 416 868 7544
+1 613 696 6889
+1 514 397 5234
+1 514 397 5191