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Lost in a Maze?

"We are committed to our students and to ensuring their success". This statement is not unique to Faskens and you are sure to hear many firms express the same philosophy. We accept the statement is as true for those firms as it is for us. The challenge most students face is how to differentiate between them. We genuinely believe we are different and the quality of our program is such that we are confident it will meet and exceed your expectations.

As the summer recruitment process moves ahead, you will start looking more closely for these differences, sometimes described as "finding the right fit". It can be a challenge to articulate culture on the pages of a brochure or through testimonials. So while we provide access to these sources of information, we encourage you to find your way through the dizzying maze of firms and recruiting by speaking with us directly. Our students, lawyers and professional staff welcome your inquiries, so please do not hesitate to get in touch. Ultimately, the quality of our people is the best testimonial we could give.

Thank you for your interest and best wishes for a successful recruitment process.