Student Programs

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Student Program   

By combining a student workload with your studies, you can familiarize yourself with the firm's methods and procedures before you begin your articling period. Our student program will allow you to develop relations with members of our firm and learn more about your future career in law.

Here is an overview of our student program:

The Summer program

The summer program begins during the 3rd week of May and is offered to all of our future articling students who have completed the third year of their university law program. You will work full time for a minimum of ten consecutive weeks. At the end of the first week of training and integration, you will be assigned to one of our practice groups. In addition to quickly integrating into the practice group's activities, you will have the opportunity to participate in major and stimulating cases.

About ten weekly training luncheons will be given by our lawyers to help you develop your knowledge of our various practice groups.


Articling Student Program   

Professional internships are an important part of your career. Fasken Martineau offers a dynamic and rewarding articling period where you will draw the maximum benefit by working closely with our lawyers. During this time, you will become a full member of our team and work on big mandates in several areas of law.

We offer two articling periods – one starting in late January and the other in mid-June. Each articling period begins with three days of training and integration into the firm's community. Your articling period is made up of three rotations, one in each of the firm’s three major practice groups: Litigation (including Intellectual Property and Environment), Corporate and Labour. At the end of your third rotation, you will be asked to select the practice group in which you want to end your articling period for a last rotation of six weeks.

Throughout your articling period, you will also attend the Lunch & Learn training sessions given by lawyers.


We want to ensure your integration into our team of lawyers, which will undoubtedly lead to a stimulating career with our firm. Our policy on compensation and employee benefit for our student, articling students and lawyers is fully comparable with those of the other major law firms.

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