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Fasken Martineau’s expertise in telecommunications regulation and in-depth knowledge of the telecommunications industry is widely recognized. We are uniquely qualified to advise on all aspects of telecommunications regulation as well as on telecommunications infrastructure projects and establishment of telecommunications businesses, access to radio spectrum, orbital slots, public rights of way and support structures, wireless tower siting, domestic and foreign investment in telecommunications companies, specialized telecommunications agreements, and compliance with competition and trade (NAFTA and WTO) obligations in respect of telecommunications.

We regularly appear before specialized tribunals, including the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), courts and government policy-makers and advise our clients on issues such as rate regulation and tariffs, access to and provision of wholesale telecommunications services, foreign ownership restrictions, resale, interconnection, colocation, number portability, Internet traffic management, inter-carrier disputes, licensing, entry requirements and service obligations, subsidy obligations, deregulation, foreign ownership, 911, do-not-call, spam and privacy requirements.

Fasken Martineau lawyers also have extensive experience acting for clients in consultations and licensing processes, including radio spectrum auctions and allocation of satellite orbital slots.

Internationally, Fasken Martineau has been involved in telecommunications projects in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and the Caribbean. We have also provided strategic advice to governments on telecommunications regulation and spectrum issues and to power and other utilities on leveraging their existing infrastructure in telecommunications markets.

Our Clients

Our clients include wireless, wireline, local, long distance, Internet, international and satellite carriers, resellers and users. We also act for foreign and domestic investors in telecommunications providers and infrastructure, governments, municipalities and other public institutions, and electric and gas utilities and airport authorities.

Our Expertise

  • Spectrum auctions and licensing of radio spectrum and orbital slots
  • Rate regulation, tariffs, price caps, terms of service and wireless code of conduct
  • Ownership and investment restrictions
  • Interconnection, collocation, number portability
  • Competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs)
  • Universal service obligations
  • Wireless tower siting and access to support structures and rights of way
  • Do not call, anti-spam and privacy laws and regulations
  • Internet services
  • Undersea cables
  • Specialized Commercial Agreements for the telecom industry
  • Establishing telecommunications businesses and related tax advice
  • Advising governments on regulatory reform

Primary Contacts

+1 613 236 3882
+1 604 631 4739
+1 416 865 4410
+1 514 397 7545
+27 11 586 6098