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Summer Program

Our summer student program provides you with a stimulating and challenging learning experience prior to your final year of law school and is intended to begin building the bridge between your studies and your legal career.

Your interests shape your experience at Fasken Martineau. As part of our collaborative approach, we consult with each student prior to his/her arrival at the firm to discuss the student's goals and objectives. Each student is provided with a program specifically tailored to match his/her expectations and interests. Summer students have the opportunity to gain experience in a variety of areas or can choose to focus on an area of specific interest.

Respecting the diversity and interests of our summer students, no two students will follow the same program throughout the summer. As a summer student at Fasken Martineau, you have the ability to direct your own career, with the assistance and guidance of our experienced Professional Development Team supported by our Student Development Committee.

During the summer, each student is encouraged to participate in an external secondment, giving him or her not only the "Bay Street" experience but also another window into the practice of law. Our secondments offer the opportunity to experience the practice of law from one of a number of perspectives: that of a client, a government agency, or an NGO. Secondments are usually between 4-6 weeks in duration. If you express an interest in a law-related secondment other than those traditionally offered, we will work with you to secure it. Below is a small sampling of previous summer secondments. By following our Secondments link you will find more specific details on the secondment experience, including reports by former summer students.

  • AuRico Gold Inc
  • Brookfield Financial
  • Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH)
  • Fasken Martineau Offices: Vancouver and Montreal
  • Ontario Securities Commission
  • Ontario Human Rights Commission
  • Pro Bono Law Ontario
  • Sick Kids Hospital
  • Sony Music Entertainment Canada Inc.
  • The Equality Effect
  • United Nations High Commission for Refugees in Uganda (UNHCR)
  • Virgin Gaming

In addition, we sponsor the University of Western Ontario International Internship Program, and the University of Toronto and Osgoode Hall Public Interest Advocacy Programs. We also take part in the University of Toronto International Human Rights and Business and Trade Law Programs.

Articling Program

Our articling program ensures that your articling term closely resembles the experience you will receive as an associate with our firm. Having a full-service practice, we offer you a flexible rotation system designed to give you practical experience in our major practice areas, while ensuring you retain the freedom to customize your articles to suit your particular interests. Prior to commencing your articles, we will work with you to plan your rotation schedule which, if you wish, may be adapted during your articling term as your interests evolve.


Our students are remunerated at a level comparable to that offered by other large firms in Toronto (currently $75,400 P.A.).

Our summer students also receive a fully sponsored summer membership at a downtown health club. Articling students are provided with a health club membership subsidy, which may be used at a club of their choice.
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Student Comments

Extracts from our Summer Student Survey
Please note the following comments have been edited in order to preserve the student's and/or client privacy. Edits are indicated by [square bracket].

    Do you feel that you had a different experience than students at the other firms? If so, how?

          From my discussions with friends at other firms, it appears I have been involved in more interesting projects and given more responsibility. In particular, the lawyers I have worked with have gone out of their way to show me how my contributions fit in the big picture: getting me involved with the project as a whole instead of working in isolation.
          Definitely, the integration into the firm was much more emphasized and supported by the Fasken's Student Committee and mentors. I believe that the immediate facilitation of social and professional interactions with both students and lawyers helped to increase work productivity, strengthen loyalties, and enhance teamwork. Also, the ability to dictate my own work schedule allowed me to have a broader and richer experience, since I was able to accept work in the areas of law I am most interested in.
          I feel that we had a greater level of collegiality than most other groups of summer students. This was something that struck me from the very start, and it was wonderful to see it continue into the summer. We did so many things together outside of the activities organized by the firm. It's a great feeling to be able to say that I'm really looking forward to the next year with everyone.
          My experience seemed to be similar to students summering at other firms with respect to the type of work we were assigned. Apart from that, I think my experience was different in a few ways. Firstly, I feel like the student group at Fasken was much more cohesive and collegial than some other student groups I have heard about. Also, we were lucky enough to have had many social events scattered throughout the summer, such as movie night and golf day. Thirdly, our client visits were a unique element to the summer program. Fourth, my experience differed from many in that Fasken does not utilize the "gatekeeper model" for assigning students work. Lastly, the amazing secondment program offered by Fasken stands alone when compared to other firms, and made for a much different summer experience than students elsewhere.
          I feel that the work I had was more challenging and I was involved at a higher level.
          I know my friends at some firms were in rotations so they only really got work from a couple different areas, or alternatively they only got work from a few lawyers because they happen to give a lot of work and they are in one particular practice group. I feel like I had the opportunity to do a huge variety of work.
          Having secondments so readily available to students was fantastic. Unless you are involved in client meetings at other firms, you may never actually meet whom you are doing the work for and you may only see them as a discrete transaction as opposed to having the bigger picture of what the client wants and needs from the firm.
          The people, both students and lawyers. The students that Faskens has hired this summer are amazing, they really are great people that I enjoy working with and I enjoy spending time with outside of the firm (at non-firm-sponsored events). I can confidently say that I have friends at other firms who don't hang out with their colleagues nor do they enjoy being "forced" to go to student events. We genuinely like one another, we have a volleyball team and we organized a cottage weekend. Every lawyer I have met here has taught me something and they are all more than willing to take the time to go through what is expected of the student and help out when you have concerns, difficulties or just need a clarification on the file.
          I feel that my summer experience was different than students at other firms largely because my secondment gave me the opportunity to experience two legal environments. Also, Faskens sent me to Thunder Bay to watch the hearing of a case that I had worked on - this was an invaluable experience that was well beyond my expectations. Finally, I really appreciated that my mentors were actively involved in my summer experience.
          I feel that the control I had over my own summering experience was unique. Since we weren't placed in any formal rotation, we were given command of the types of work we wanted to pursue. Also, it didn't seem like hours worked or docketed was something we had to worry about. Instead, by concentrating on producing a good quality of work, we could maximize the learning to be extracted from each project attempted.
          I believe that my experiences were certainly more varied and expansive than what other firms provide to their summer students. Rather than be simply tucked away doing due diligence all summer long, I was able to draft memos, research the law, meet with clients, experience client development projects, participate in strategy meetings, have carriage of files and the list goes on and on. I am very confident that Faskens provided me with a very well-rounded experience.

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During the November interview process a number of firms invite certain students to join them for dinner. With the introduction of OCI's, we believe that every student invited to the firm for a November interview is an excellent candidate and as such deserves the same opportunities as all other candidates.

In lieu of dinners, we make a significant donation to The Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada, a national organization dedicated to promoting the growth and development of young Canadians, to reflect our commitment to the community and the advantages we, as current and future members of the Bar, are privileged to enjoy. The firm does host a luncheon on the Monday and Tuesday of interview week. This luncheon is for the benefit of our interviewers and those students who are interviewing with the firm over the lunch hour.

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