Start-Up and Emerging Company Services

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At Fasken Martineau, we believe in start-up entrepreneurs like you, with a vision, passion, and determination to succeed.

We have a deep understanding of how companies in knowledge-based industries are formed, financed, grown and taken public or merged.

We’ll earn the role of your trusted advisor and be right at your side every step of the way through growing your start-up all the way. We’ll arm you with guidance and practical legal advice at every stage— from incorporation, to financings (angel, VC, strategic, private equity), to an exit, a merger or a public offering.

Whenever you need it, we’ll leverage the strength of our bench—across Canada, the United States, and globally—efficiently and effectively to give you access to effective counsel, top quality legal services and intelligent introductions.

Because Fasken Martineau is a big law firm with a boutique culture, the deep expertise of our bench means you can get everything you need, with the capacity to scale up as you do. Our award-winning lawyers and practice groups can handle any challenge that comes your way.

Our Innovation: The ViaFasken Platform

Like you, we always strive to continuously innovate. We were the first major law firm in Canada to launch a comprehensive program dedicated to start-ups, and we’ve never stopped looking for better ways to serve clients.

We are very proud to now provide access to our very own innovation: ViaFasken, a broad-based virtual platform to access all things legal in your business.

ViaFasken will be your one-stop access point to everything legal in your company - from your minute book, to our suite of technology-related template agreements and precedent documents, your data room, and more. It will save you time, money, and energy by efficiently providing you with services you’ll value.

Our Ground-Breaking Resource: Our Entrepreneur-in-Residence

We are strong believers in providing practical and sound advice — and there is no one better to provide it than the people who have been there and done that.

We are proud to break new ground as the only full service law firm with an in-house Entrepreneur-in-Residence, whose mission is to mentor entrepreneurs like you by providing commercialization and financing advice, working our internal Fasken Martineau network on your behalf, and liaising with our external network in the global business community so you get the introductions and know-how you need.

Our Collaborative Approach: Your Success

We know that success means working and growing together with a real understanding of your unique needs. That’s why our approach involves:

  • Learning your vision and providing guidance on structuring your company’s cap table and making arrangements among founders and key investors and planning for rounds of funding to align with your vision
  • Providing practical legal advice, delivered with sound business judgement, to navigate the issues and opportunities that you will come across in your business
  • Providing guidance on fundraising strategies and working with you to develop and execute a plan to achieve your fundraising objectives
  • Investing in non-billed meetings and calls with management and the Board
  • Deploying our deep connections and network to send the right introductions to the right investors and advisors at the right time
  • Working with our established network of leading law firms in Silicon Valley and other key centres to provide seamless cross-border legal representation

We have established meaningful connections with leading Canadian, Silicon Valley, Pacific North West and North East (Boston and New York) venture capital investors, angel investors and key advisors in the technology community. We have a strong understanding of the market at any given time and we deploy our understanding to provide you with best-in-class and practical legal advice to get your deal done and throughout the process to help deepen your relationships with your investors and advisors.

Our Satisfied Clients: All Stages and Sectors

Whether you’re a start-up company or early stage entrepreneurs, or angel, venture capital, private equity and public venture capital investors, or investment dealers that service this market — we’ll be your partner and trusted advisor every step of the way. Your success is our success, and your satisfaction will be our pride. So let’s roll up our sleeves, work together, and achieve.

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