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Dominic Chabot Parajuriste/Paralegal Québec

Dominic Chabot

Paralegal/Law Clerk Fasken
Language(s) French, English
Office(s) Québec City

Dominic Chabot focuses on business law. As part of his duties, he helps lawyers prepare closing documents related to various business transactions, including mergers, acquisitions and reorganizations.


Dominic has vast experience in reviewing minute books and conducting due diligence corporate searches.

He works with firm lawyers to prepare the relevant documentation for incorporations, organizations, amendments, continuances, dissolutions, registrations, rollovers and other share-related transactions.

His expertise also encompasses a myriad of corporate issues throughout the continent.  Dominic handles annual corporate updates in various Canadian provinces and the United States.

Date Client


  • DCS, Paralegal Technology Bart College