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Turning CSR Risk into Value

Corporate Social Responsibility Law Seminar
Where Offices of Fasken Martineau, 2900-550 Burrard St,
V6C 0A3
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In recent years, the impacts of resource development have become better understood.  With that understanding, expectations for corporate behavior have rapidly increased and resistance to proposed resource and land development projects has increased as well.  The legal landscape has been evolving in parallel: environmental, social, and governance expectations of corporations and their directors and officers, once taking the form of “soft law”, are becoming more prescriptively legislated, now taking the form of “hard law” in Canada and abroad.


What does this mean to resource companies in terms of the risks they face and the due diligence they must demonstrate in managing those risks?  How can companies ensure they are operating in a way that reflects this new business and legal environment, and positions them for success? 


Fasken Martineau’s Corporate Social Responsibility Law group invites you to attend a complimentary seminar which will explore what it means to respond to these emergent risks in a way that will protect and create value for your company and corporate leadership. 


Looking at this concept from three interacting perspectives, session attendees will have the opportunity to hear about:

  1. The changing legal landscape - what constitutes due diligence in this arena and how to develop and maintain an effective due diligence system; (Fasken Martineau)
  2. What this means in terms of how you manage your company; and (SPAN OMS)
  3. How these changes have influenced management approaches in the resource sector. (New Gold)


  • Michelle Pockey, Partner, Fasken Martineau, will speak about ‘the changing legal landscape and implications for ensuring due diligence’
  • Phil Webber, Senior Associate, Innovation and BC  Practice, SPAN OMS Inc will follow with ‘What this means in terms of how you manage your company’
  • Silvana Costa, Senior Advisor, Environment and Social Responsibility, New Gold will speak about ‘How these changes have influenced management approaches in the resource sector’