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Canadian Lobbyist Registration and Legal Compliance: 2021 Update

Political Law Group
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The continued evolution of Canadian lobbying laws and increased enforcement by regulators create real compliance risk for your company or organization. Our seminar will highlight new developments in lobbying law – and new interpretations by regulators at the federal, provincial, territorial and municipal levels of government.

You may not realize how lobbying laws impact your day-to-day operations. The rules are complex and vary by jurisdiction. For example, in a number of jurisdictions, employees who sell goods and services to government agencies are engaged in lobbying.

Enforcement of lobbying laws is real. In most, jurisdictions CEOs are liable. Are you in compliance?

Fasken is Canada’s leader in legal advice and representation on lobbying law compliance and other aspects of political law. This seminar will provide an in-depth focus on reputational and legal risks. It will help your business or organization ensure it is compliance-focused.

Topics to be covered:

  • New developments in laws that regulate lobbying of federal, provincial and municipal governments
  • Best practices for compliance: Staying on the right side of the law
  • Gifts and hospitality to public office holders
  • Enforcement  trends across the country
  • Handling investigations and enforcement action
  • Recently completed federal Lobbyists’ Code of Conduct consultation

Who should attend:

  • Business leaders
  • Government relations executives, managers and consultants
  • In-house counsel
  • Lawyers
  • Public affairs professionals
  • Leaders of non-profit associations


  • 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm (ET) Webinar and Q&A


  • This program will be conducted as a live webinar and will not be recorded
1.5Hours Available Via Webinar
This programme contains 1 hours and 30 minutes of Substantive content for the purposes of the Law Society of Ontario's annual Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements.

This programme contains 1.5 hours of accredited content for the purposes of the Law Society of British Columbia’s annual Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements. The session has been loaded with the LSBC and is titled “Canadian Lobbyist Registration and Legal Compliance: 2021 Update – November 2021”. It is available for claiming through your LSBC Member Portal.

A confirmation of participation will be sent to you for your continuing education hours with the Barreau du Québec.

For CPD/CLE in other jurisdictions, please contact your local Law Society.