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Ransomware II: Inside an Attack

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Building on Fasken’s Ransomware I webinar in which our National & Cyber Security Groups considered the legality, ethics, and tactics of paying ransomware attackers, Ransomware II brings together legal practitioners with cybersecurity operators to discuss the increasingly perilous world of ransomware attack and threat response. What does a ransomware attack look like from the inside? What kinds of statutory and other obligations do businesses face when responding to an attack? Should businesses pay malicious actors, and if so, what are the legal and practical implications?  Join our panel of experts as they dig deep into the tactics of malicious actors and the range of responses available to ransomed victims.

Our panel will discuss issues pertaining to:

  • Emerging trends in ransomware attacks
  • The legal implications of paying ransomware attackers in light of Canada’s criminal, sanctions, and anti-terrorism legislative regimes
  • The legal obligations and liability of directors relating to ransomware attacks
  • Whether and when to disclose ransomware attacks to law enforcement and customer
  • Engaging legal counsel and their role in with responding to or preventing ransomware attacks

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Guest Speaker

Stephen Mathezer Field Chief Technology Officer, Principal and SANS Certified Instructor
iON United