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BC Societies Guide

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Dierk Ullrich authored a chapter on “Societies” in CLEBC’s British Columbia Company Law Practice Manual for the 2016 Update of that manual, available online and in print.

The chapter is also available from CLEBC as an online publication called The BC Societies Guide. This guide is the only Societies Act publication in the province developed specifically for lawyers by lawyers. If you are a lawyer who practises charities and not-for-profit law or sits on the board of a society, this publication was created for you.

BC Societies Guide goes beyond being a transition handbook – it is a comprehensive practice manual on all aspects of societies under the new legislative regime. Rather than providing an annotated Act, this guide provides topic-by-topic analysis and practical advice for advising societies on matters such as:

  • the new entities of member-funded societies and extraprovincial non-share corporations
  • societies’ record-keeping obligations, financial requirements, and audit requirements
  • changes to classes of membership, voting rules, and thresholds for special resolutions
  • the qualifications, liability, and indemnification of society directors

As of now, all BC societies are governed by the new Act, and the chapter provides invaluable information on the changes to definitions, relationships and processes that every society should be aware of.

The British Columbia Societies Guide is available for download from CLEBC (purchase required).