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Getting the Deal Through – 2019 Mining Practice Guide

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Featuring detailed analysis and guidance on navigating critical issues facing commercial mining ventures worldwide, GTDT’s Practice Guide* to Mining provides essential reading for lawyers, financiers, mining companies, advisory firms, consultants and contractors. Subjects covered include; project financing; commercial agreements; anti-corruption; battery minerals; glacier protection; community engagement; sanctions and mining closure.

Edited by Mining Partner, Michael Bourassa, the guide also features an article on ‘A High Price to Pay - An Overview of Anti-Corruption Law in Canada’ by Frank Mariage and Youcef Belrachid.

*GTDT Practice Guides provide topical analysis of key trends, opportunities, challenges and risks representing significant regional interest or concern across a range of industries and work areas. Updated annually, the Practice Guides present accessible insight into those issues transcending geographical borders and impacting strategic decision making at an international level.

Interested in learning more? We also participate in the Getting the Deal Through Mining Canada (2018) Chapter.


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