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Media Coverage

The Wire Report quotes Peter Mantas and Jay Kerr-Wilson and mentions a team of Fasken Martineau lawyers in an article on SOCAN and wireless carriers awaiting the Federal Court’s decision on ringtone royalties

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“Carriers, SOCAN await court’s decision on ringtone money”, The Wire Report

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“Peter Mantas, lawyer for the carriers, said it would be reasonable to require a tracing order for the money if SOCAN does not have it available. ‘They know who was paid the money, when and how much,’ he said in court. Mantas added that he does not think a tracing order will be necessary. Jay Kerr-Wilson, another lawyer for the carriers, said during the hearing that SOCAN paid back about $20 million to various parties after the Supreme Court made its rulings in the ESA and Rogers cases.” 


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