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Media Coverage

Pierre Craig, host of Radio-Canada’s show La Facture, interviews Karine Fournier on the problem of smoking in residential buildings

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“Entrevue avec Me Karine Fournier : Comment trancheront les tribunaux devant le problème de la fumée dans les immeubles résidentiels?” by Pierre Craig, Radio-Canada

Watch the interview (available in French only)

“In the last five years, Lawyer Karine Fournier has developed an interest in non-smokers’ rights in condominiums and apartment buildings. ‘We tolerate the neighbour’s barbecue, we tolerate the smell of a domestic animal or its hair, we tolerate noises, even noises after 10:30 pm that prevent us from sleeping. Therefore, each neighbour must be tolerant towards each other. However, when these inconveniences go beyond a reasonable and tolerable limit to become excessive, then the person may be forced to cease the behavior that has become a nuisance to neighbours’.”


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