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The Ed Hand Show interviews Ariel Thomas on VPN use to access U.S. entertainment content in Canada

Reading Time 1 minute read
Ottawa 1310 News, The Ed Hand Show

Ottawa copyright and trade-mark expert Ariel Thomas was interviewed on The Ed Hand Show in a segment on copyright infringement and using virtual private networks to gain access to U.S. Netflix in Canada.


"The Copyright Act in Canada was recently amended to prohibit activities like this. Netflix uses geo-blocking technology to prevent people from viewing shows in places where they aren’t allowed to view them. That’s how they maintain a separate Canadian Netflix and U.S. Netflix, etc. And if you go around their geoblocking technology many people would say that you are circumventing a technological protection measure. And the Copyright Act was just changed two years ago to make that technically an infringement of copyright if you do that.”

“The new Copyright Act under the amendments that were just made, there’s a limitation of liability for individuals who are infringing for private purposes to $5,000. So that was an attempt by the government to prevent unnecessary or frivolous litigation or companies getting ridiculous awards against individuals who circumvent copyright.”

“It seems more likely to me that Netflix might just block these services and that either Netflix or even the content owners might go after the enabler services.”


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