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National Post quotes international trade lawyers Clifford Sosnow and Peter Kirby in an article on increased interest by business on trade agreements

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Chambers Global 2015: “Trade is no longer a Canadian ‘side practice’” by Donalee Moulton, National Post

International trade experts Clifford Sosnow and Peter Kirby are quoted in a story in the Legal Post’s coverage of Chambers Global 2015 rankings "Trade is no longer a Canadian 'side practice'".

“Trade law has moved from being a side practice. It’s now very much integrated into other areas of the firm,” says Peter Kirby, a partner with Fasken Martineau.

“There is a heavy government footprint,” says Clifford Sosnow, a partner with Fasken Martineau in Ottawa. “When you are dealing with government rules, you need to step into the shoes of your client company and the regulator. Governments don’t tell you what the roadmap is.”


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