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Edge North quotes Guy Giorno on the transparency issues surrounding the proposed lobbyist registry

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“Keeping it clean: Lobbyist Registry must go further” by Chris Windeyer, Edge North

Edge North quotes Ottawa lawyer Guy Giorno on the transparency issues surrounding a potential lobbyist registry.

Giorno suspects that we will soon consider lobbyist registries much like access-to-information laws: a basic component of transparent civil government (the current shortcomings of those regimes, most notably at the Conservative government, are a matter for another day). Nine of 10 provinces, with the exception of PEI, have passed lobbyist registry laws, Giorno says. New Brunswick and Saskatchewan—the last two provinces to do so—are setting up their systems now.

“I personally don’t buy the argument that places are too small to be transparent,” he says. “The people of the NWT have to decide for themselves: Are you so small that everybody knows who’s lobbying whom?”