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The Guardian quotes Antoine Aylwin in an article about the maple syrup heist

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“Sticky situation: maple syrup bandits face Quebec courts for infamous heist”, by Jared Lindzon, The Guardian

The Guardian quotes litigation partner Antoine Aylwin, a Partner in Fasken Martineau's Montreal office, in an article about the maple syrup heist. The trials are now under way for the 2012 attempt to steal $18-million worth of Quebec’s sweetest export -- a case that has succeeded in capturing Hollywood’s attention.

 “This is, without a shadow of a doubt, the product with the most contested system,” said Antoine Aylwin, a partner at Fasken Martineau who has argued in front of marketing boards in Quebec – including the Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers – for more than 10 years. “A couple of years ago, of the 22 products, maple syrup was taking up 50% of the court’s time over contestation by the federation against individual producers.”