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La Presse quotes Annie Bernard in an article about the new Code of Civil Procedure

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“Lawyers once again the ‘masters of solutions’” by Emilie Laperrière, La Presse

La Presse quotes Annie Bernard in an article about how the new Code of Civil Procedure will improve accessibility to, and rapidity of, the justice system.

[Traduction] This lawyer is eager to see what effect the reform will have in practice. “Clients will often call us in a confrontational mood. We’ll have to take a different approach and explain the new procedure to them.”

Mtre Bernard works in construction law. “In this area, we need expert opinions. Several things have changed in this respect. Now, we’ll only be able to file one expert report per field. The judge could order one expert for both parties in order to reduce the cost. This makes a good number of people nervous. Out-of-court examinations will also be limited, and objections on relevance will no longer have their place. Witnesses will have to answer every question.”

Article available in French only.