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Canadian Lawyer Magazine quotes Norm Keith in an article about deferred prosecution agreements

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“Could DPAs aid in dealing with corporate wrongdoing?” by Jennifer Brown, Canadian Lawyer Magazine


Canadian Lawyer Magazine quotes Toronto white-collar crime lawyer Norm Keith in an article about the potential of a formal deferred prosecution agreement system to reduce corporate crimes.


“I think deferred prosecution agreements are very important,” he says. “In the U.S. and the U.K., the only way for a publicly traded company to survive and not get its stock price beat up is to negotiate a deferred prosecution agreement.”


Some, including Barutciski and those involved with Transparency International, are against DPAs but Keith says that is a “big mistake.”


“You’re not going to get companies coming forward and admitting they’ve had problems until they know there is a solution available,” he says.


“I think DPAs are absolutely necessary and helpful. They will help in cleaning things up and bringing light to the whole subject of corruption as opposed to what happens now,” he says.