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Yahoo Finance Canada quotes Frédéric Gilbert in an article about the lawsuit filed by thirty-two Qualinet franchisees against Groupe Qualinet

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“Current and former franchisees denounce Groupe Qualinet and its sole shareholder and president, Mr. Éric Pichette, and are claiming $26,889,000 in damages”, Yahoo Finance Canada Yahoo Finance Canada quotes Montreal lawyer Frédéric Gilbert, who represents the plaintiffs, in an article about the case put forward by the franchisees.


According to Mtre Frédéric Gilbert, who is representing the plaintiffs, the conduct of Qualinet and its shareholder, Mr. Éric Pichette, is a sad example of an abusive and irresponsible approach.


"The success of the franchise industry's business model hinges on the parties' mutual compliance with the contract binding them. This contract creates obligations for the franchisor and its franchisees. In this case, the evidence demonstrates that Qualinet and its president, Mr. Éric Pichette, disregarded the main obligations, both explicit and implicit, that govern franchise agreements," commented Mtre Frédéric Gilbert, who is representing the 32 plaintiffs.


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