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Canadian Occupational Safety Magazine quotes Norm Keith in an article about senior-level attention to workplace occupational health and safety

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“More than one-half of business officers, directors trained in health, safety: survey” by Amanda Silliker, Canadian Occupational Safety Magazine


Canadian Occupational Safety Magazine quotes Toronto lawyer Norm Keith in an article about the training of Canadian officers and directors in their organization’s occupational health and safety policy and program.


“It’s disappointing. The leaders of organizations, including directors and officers, in Canada do not seem to be generally putting as much importance on workplace health and safety as the law requires,” said Norm Keith, partner at Fasken Martineau in Toronto. “There is some pretty detailed responsibility and accountability that directors and officers have, so if they are not aware of that through training, that’s a real gap that is serious.”


“A prudent and responsible employer is going to say, ‘Look, what’s the point of reviewing the paper policy if I am not really going to update the risk assessment?’” said Keith. “I think it’s a useful thing to give to a joint health and safety committee to do annually.”


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