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Droit-Inc quotes Nikolas Blanchette in an article on Jennifer Lawrence, who might be forced to vacate the condo she occupies in Montréal

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“Jennifer a-t-elle des chances de garder son condo?” by Céline Gobert, Droit-Inc Droit-Inc. quotes Montréal lawyer Nikolas Blanchette in an article on Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence, who is living in Montréal for the summer and might be forced to vacate the condo she occupies.


Mr. Blanchette is of the same view. “A lot of companies rent out condominiums and they can’t be prevented from doing that simply because they are carrying on a business,” he said. “The question is what is actually happening in the condo.”


“What we have here is really a debate about interpretation, when it comes to the declaration of co-ownership,” is his analysis. “This amendment to the lease does not expressly infringe the clause in the declaration, which simply prohibits leases shorter than 12 months. We can anticipate an interesting debate on this point,” he concluded.


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