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Midi info - Radio-Canada interviews Raymond Chrétien about the North American Leaders’ Summit in Ottawa

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“Le Sommet des leaders nord-américains : une rencontre utile” by Manon Globensky, Midi info - Radio-Canada

Midi info - Radio-Canada interviews Montréal lawyer Raymond Chrétien about the North American Leaders’ Summit in Ottawa.

“The utility of summits varies from one to the other, but this one can be especially useful in resolving certain crises,” explained Raymond Chrétien, former Ambassador to the US and Mexico, in an interview with Manon Globensky.
According to Mr. Chrétien, the leaders’ personalities influence how these events unfold. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, US President Barack Obama, and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto are from the same generation. “When personalities get along well, it’s easier to discuss trilateral interests.”