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The Journal du Barreau du Québec mentions Bernard Synnott, Ad. E. in an article on the federal courts

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“Les cours fédérales à la rencontre des avocats et des citoyens québécois“ by Julie Perreault, the Journal du Barreau du Québec

The Journal du Barreau du Québec mentions Montréal lawyer Bernard Synnott, Ad. E., in an article on forming a committee comprised of the Barreau du Québec, the Federal Court of Appeal and the Federal Court to study the best ways to learn about the two courts.

The Superior Court of Québec, the Human Rights Tribunal, Municipal Court, Court of Québec, etc. These are the courts most familiar to Quebecers. Similarly, even within the legal community, few law students enter fields that fall within federal jurisdiction. So what can be done to promote and familiarize the federal court system to lawyers and Quebecers? This is the issue Bâtonnier Bernard Synnott, Ad. E., wanted to address when he suggested creating a permanent tripartite committee composed of the Québec Bar and representatives from the Federal Court of Appeal and the Federal Court, including Federal Court of Appeal Chief Justice Marc Noël and Federal Court Chief Justice Paul Crampton.