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The Globe and Mail quotes Guy Giorno in an article about critics’ take on Bill 201, the Ontario Liberals’ proposed campaign finance reforms

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“Ontario campaign finance reforms don’t go far enough, critics say” by Adrian Morrow, The Globe and Mail The Globe and Mail quotes lawyer Guy Giorno in an article about loopholes in Bill 201 that would continue to allow unions, corporations and wealthy Canadians to unduly influence politicians.

“The intersection between lobbying and political fundraising is one of the biggest challenges of modern accountability and ethics,” Mr. Giorno, who now works as a lawyer advising companies on how to comply with lobbying and conflict-of-interest rules, said in an interview. “Lobbying is a democratic right and giving money to politicians is a democratic right, but the two together are unethical and should be unlawful.”

“The concept of pay-to-play, people making contributions to get things, be they lobbyists or others, is not at all addressed by Bill 201,” Mr. Giorno told the committee.


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