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Lawyers Weekly quotes Norm Keith on his new book, decrying lack of aggressive action on corporate crime

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“Lawyer’s new book decries lack of aggressive action on corporate crime” by Ian Harvey, Lawyers Weekly

Lawyers Weekly quotes Toronto Lawyer Norm Keith on his new book and the lack of aggressive action on corporate crime. (This article originally appeared in the October 28, 2016 issue of The Lawyers Weekly)

“Investing is something which should take into account the legal risk but if there’s no enforcement, then really, there is no risk,” he says. “By not acting, is the government supporting the idea of breaking the law? If you are not going to hold people at a high level accountable, then really what is going on?”

“Without criminal law enforcement you are just not going to see senior executives give the kind of priority that corporate law and governance needs to have,” he says. “When you talk to CEOs and directors, they are scared to death, not of being sued, because they have insurance for that, but of being prosecuted. Unfortunately, you need to have the attitude you’re going to prosecute and get aggressive or nothing is going to change.”