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CBA National quotes Patrick McCann in an article about the legitimacy of protecting the courts

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“Justice understood” by Justin Ling, CBA National

CBA National quotes Ottawa lawyer Patrick McCann in an article about the legitimacy of protecting the courts.

Patrick McCann, counsel at Fasken Martineau in Ottawa, is no stranger to high-profile cases: he represented Pte. Kyle Browne, who was convinced of manslaughter in the 1993 Somalia Affair for the death of a Somali teenager. He was directly involved in the Gomery inquiry, and served as counsel to Nigel Wright, former chief of staff to then-prime minister Stephen Harper. He also defended Hamed Shafia, co-accused with his father and his father’s wife in their widely covered “honour killing” trial in 2012.

He downplays the idea that there is some foundational rot in the justice system that needs to be decried by the media and repaired. Rather, he says, extreme cases will always generate extreme coverage.

“You’ve got to look at who’s commenting. Journalists, unfortunately, have the universal view of themselves as experts on everything,” McCann says. “I don’t think it’s gotten any worse, at least not in the regular media. I think there’s always been an obsession with the one-off case.”


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