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Media Coverage quotes Guy Giorno in an article about fundraising rules in Ottawa

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“When it comes to fundraising rules, it’s the wild west in Ottawa” by John Geddes, quotes Toronto and Ottawa Lawyer, Guy Giorno, in an article about fundraising rules in Ottawa.

“[Giorno] stressed that he’s all for fundraising and lobbying—just not in the same room at the same time. “These two democratic rights are fine when they are separated, but the combination of the two is toxic.”

“He says he’s no longer involved in partisan activities, and so is careful not to pass judgment on the Liberals’ fundraising. It’s a matter of who should settle matters when serious questions arise, as they undeniably have this fall. ‘All of those things can be sorted out by an impartial, neutral, arms-length person,’ Giorno says. ‘Right now, we’ve got no enforcement.’”