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Radio-Canada - Téléjournal interviews Antoine Aylwin in a report on data protection

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“Votre vie privée est-elle protégée?” by Louis-Philippe Ouimet, Radio-Canada - Téléjournal.

Radio-Canada - Téléjournal interviews Montréal lawyer Antoine Aylwin in a report on data protection.

“You have to remember one thing: if it is free, it is risky. It’s as simple as that. Because if it’s free, they are going to expect something in return,” stressed Antoine Aylwin, a partner at Fasken Martineau. He added that if it is free, there is going to be less investment in security.

“We have to realize that when we are on a free wireless network, when we use a feature, when a free app takes our information, there is something given in return. Am I prepared to take that risk? That is the question you have to ask yourself.”


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