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Media Coverage quotes Guy Giorno in an article about reform of municipal donation rules in Halifax

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“If HRM used federal rules, half of 2016 donations would be banned” by Jack Julian, quotes Guy Giorno in an article on reform of municipal donation rules in Halifax.

“’The overall trend is towards banning corporate contributions, banning union contributions and placing a cap on the amount that can be contributed,’ said Guy Giorno, chair of the committee that oversees lobbying and ethics for the Canadian Bar Association.”

"’Many people get confused and say, 'What are you saying? Are you accusing us of making bad decisions? Are you accusing us of letting benefits influence us?'he said. Giorno said that's not how conflict-of-interest law works. ‘It works by saying we're all human beings and the system works best — and confidence in the system is maintained — if those conflicts are completely avoided,’ he said.”

"’I think there should be laws everywhere in Canada that provide for that. But in fairness to Haligonians, the laws that I think should exist there don't exist anywhere in Canada,’ he said.”