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The Globe and Mail quotes Darrell Wickstrom and Corina Weigl in an article on how the repeal of U.S. tax would affect many in Canada

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“See Canada and die: US ‘death tax’ repeal will be blessing for many” by Michael Babad, The Globe and Mail

The Globe and Mail quotes Vancouver and Toronto lawyers, Darrel Wickstrom and Corina Weigl, in an article on how the repeal of U.S. tax would affect many in Canada.

Lawyers Darrel Wickstrom and Corina Weigl of Canada’s Fasken Martineau recently alerted clients of the firm to the introduction of a law that would repeal the U.S. estate tax, which is commonly known as the “death tax” and affects rich people after they’re dead.

The proposed repeal, said Mr. Wickstrom and Ms. Weigl, who practice estate law at Fasken Martineau, could impact many people now living in Canada, and who presumably still will be living after and if the tax is repealed.

“Under the current rules, U.S. estate taxes are imposed on the worldwide estates of U.S. citizens, wherever they reside,” Mr. Wickstrom and Ms. Weigl said in their bulletin, nothing that an estimated one million Americans live in Canada.