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The Daily Commercial News quotes Norm Keith in an article regarding the need for constructors to apply health and safety policies

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“Constructors need health and safety wake-up call: survey” by Don Wall, Daily Commercial News

The Daily Commercial News quotes Toronto lawyer, Norm Keith, in an article regarding the need for constructors to apply health and safety policies.

“There are a lot more accidents in construction than in the average employer numbers across the province and there is a lot more enforcement and prosecution in the construction industry. I find it really hard to fully understand why employers in construction are not taking prevent more seriously, and why, given the enforcement activities, they are not trying to avoid the harm to workers and the legal risk and the cost to their own companies and their own management,” said Keith, citing regulatory investigations, charges, costly fines and jail terms among the possible consequences of noncompliance.

“They give some consideration to safety, but they don’t give enough, and then when there are new challenges in the workplace like alcohol and drugs and marijuana, I think they just react, I don’t think they are proactive at all” he said. “And I think they may pay the price for that”

“I think the Ministry of Labour is doing what it is supposed to do. It is setting, communicating and enforcing standards. I think with the large number of prosecutions just on the harassment and violence issue, they are making it very clear they are taking it seriously,” he said.