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Media Coverage interviews Jean-Raphaël Champagne in a report on a search at a cannabis shop

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“Perquisition dans une boutique de cannabis à Québec” by Louis Gagné, interviews Québec City lawyer, Jean-Raphaël Champagne, in a report on a search at a cannabis shop in downtown Québec City.

In Canada, the sale of cannabis is authorized for medical purposes only. However, Jean-Raphaël Champagne, a lawyer who specializes in pharmaceutical regulatory law, points out that it is prohibited to sell it in a business that has a storefront. As a result, the search carried out at Le Cannoisseur was predictable, in his view.

“In Québec City, we have something of a history to date of marijuana dispensaries opening and closing. ... So this is something that could have been expected,” Mr. Champagne said.