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Media Coverage quotes Sherisa Rajah in an article on the MEIBC agreement

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“MEIBC changes welcome, but should take employer into consideration” by Megan Van Wyngaardt, Engineering News quotes Johannesburg lawyer, Sherisa Rajah, in an article on the MEIBC agreement.

Global law firm Fasken partner and labour lawyer Sherisa Rajah on Tuesday outlined that fairness dictated that all workers who fall within the technical schedules set out in the main agreement should be afforded the same benefits and protections regardless of who they are employed by, when considering the size of the industry and its players, as well as the potential for disparity, particularly with regard to wages.

"While the provisions of the main agreement will apply to all employers falling within the scope of application of the main agreement within the metals and engineering industries, any extension of the main agreement must ensure that party and, in particular, nonparty employers who may not have been complying with the provisions of the 2011 or 2014 main agreement, have effective and efficient access to exemption processes," Rajah highlighted.