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Jacksonville Business Journal quotes Clifford Sosnow in an article about international trade agreements

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“From auto shipping to manufacturing, Jacksonville a battleground in an international trade war” by Will Robinson, Jacksonville Business Journal

Jacksonville Business Journal quotes Toronto/Ottawa lawyer, Clifford Sosnow, in an article about the battle of international trade agreements.

However, Clifford Sosnow, a trade law expert at a Canadian law firm, believes NAFTA negotiations have hit a stalemate and are likely to drag on. NAFTA negotiations have focused on automobile rules, dairy rules and a five-year sunset clause, after which all parties would have to renew the deal for it to continue.

"I think we're close to a deal on auto rules of origin, close to rules on dairy, but the sunset clause kills it," Sosnow said. "Under no circumstances can we agree to that."

Sosnow sees Trump's tariffs and threats of future tariffs as a more genuine position than Ray or Wiggins see them. He believes they are a commitment to Trump's electoral base. "He's looking at the midterms and at Democratic gains. That's making him a little uncomfortable," said Sosnow. "He's talking to his base and saying, 'I've got your back.' It's very much a domestic message."