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Media Coverage quotes Clifford Sosnow in an article about how Canada won’t make a deal in NAFTA talks

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“Canada Won’t Deal on Media in NAFTA Talks, Says Justin Trudeau” by Etan Vlessing, quotes Toronto/Ottawa lawyer, Clifford Sosnow, in an article about how Canada won’t make a deal in NAFTA talks.

“But international trade lawyer Clifford Sosnow, a partner with Ottawa-based Fasken Martineau, argues Trudeau won't need to die on a hill to defend the cultural industry exemption in NAFTA as it has limited legal protections for Canadian media companies. "The cultural industry exemption is fairly narrow," Sosnow told The Hollywood Reporter as it doesn't deal with copyright issues or ownership restrictions on Canadian assets, and was reluctantly grandfathered into the original 1995 NAFTA agreement by the U.S. because they know Canada rarely invokes the measure”