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Media Coverage interviews Sherisa Rajah in a report on national minimum wage bill

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“Ramaphosa signed National Minimum Wage Bill into law” by interview Johannesburg lawyer, Sherisa Rajah, in a report on national minimum wage bill.

The is expected to benefit about 6-million workers that currently earn below R3700 a month.

The law comes into effect on the first of January 2019.

“I’m two minded. On the one hand I’m synical, it’s very close to election time. On the other hand I’m optimistic because he didn’t just signed the national minimum wage bill into law, he also signed the other three bills. I think accumulatively it can only be a sign of hope for people who live below the bread line in my opinion. Moreover it creates benefits for people across our country in relation to the labour laws amendment bill, in terms of parental leave, adoption leave, surrogacy leave. It also creates certainty around strikes, secret ballot, picketing rule, the interest arbitration that the labour relations amendment bill brings to the table” says Sherisa Rajah, labour lawyer from Fasken.

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