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Droit-inc quotes Benoit Mailloux in an article on lawyers’ travel destinations for the holidays

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“Le Noël des avocats : vos destinations, vos résolutions!” by Éric Martel, Droit-inc

Droit-inc quotes Montréal lawyer, Benoit Mailloux, in an article on holiday destinations for lawyers.

Benoit Mailloux, labour lawyer with Fasken

Winter... before you’re tired of it!

“We rented a condo at Mont-Saint Anne to go skiing. It was so hot this past summer...we have to take advantage of the cold. It certainly isn’t bicycling weather now!

Last year, I went to Mexico and I loved it. I would probably go down south again, but I’m waiting until 2019, and telling myself that by then I will be completely sick of the cold!”