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Media Coverage quotes Mike Stephens in an article on how to prevent another QuadrigaCX incident

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“How can Canada prevent another QuadrigaCX?” by Isabelle Kirkwood, quotes Vancouver lawyer, Mike Stephens, in an article on how to prevent another QuadrigaCX incident.

In order to understand the regulatory landscape around cryptocurrencies, BetaKit sat down with crypto and blockchain lawyer Mike Stephens to understand what regulators and the crypto community can learn from Quadriga. Stephens is an information technology law partner in the Vancouver office of Fasken and is engaged with BC’s tech ecosystem. Stephens represents companies in all stages of development, with a particular focus on early-stage entrepreneurs, startups, and emerging growth companies.

“It is kind of silly now to have a different regulator in each province especially when the propensity for overlap is pretty high, and [the provinces] don’t all see eye-to-eye,” Stephens said. “What you’re getting now is companies that don’t really see themselves as tethered to any one jurisdiction.”