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Media Coverage quotes Jean-Philippe Mikus in an article about the annual review of trademark case law

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“Droit des marques : 2019 a été ‘une grosse année’,” Mathieu Galarneau, quotes Montréal lawyer, Jean-Philippe Mikus, in anarticle about the annual review of trademark case law.

Year after year, there is no shortage of subjects for Mtre Jean-Philippe Mikus’s annual review of trademark case law, which he will present at Fasken on February 6. He estimates that about 250 to 400 cases are handed down in Canada every year.

“This has fundamentally changed the system. Before, if you wanted to register a trademark, you had to use the mark before registering it; now, you no longer need to use the mark in order to register it. This opens the floodgates for parties who want to reserve rights.”